Vision Over Canada – Pastor Beth

Vision Over Canada - Pastor Beth

On September 21, 2019, around 11:30 pm, I saw the heavens over Canada. They were broken and dark.  The prince of the power of the air, the spirit of the world, was operating there.  I heard the Lord call for those who would accept the call to intercede for Canada.  It seemed to be an urgent request, imperative in nature. The scripture from 2 Chronicles 7:14 came to my mind, “If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray…” God highlighted the words “humble themselves” and impressed to me that the spirit of the world, the spirit of humanism or self sufficiency has lulled the saints in Canada to sleep regarding prayer.  I felt it was imperative that the saints in Canada awake, see the deception of the enemy for what it is and accept the call to prayer.
Two main themes of prayer were necessary – God’s will, His plans and purposes for Canada to come to pass (it was like there was a huge purpose that we haven’t yet tapped into) and for God’s glory to be manifested in Canada.
I felt like God was asking all of us across Canada to accept the call to intercede for our country. Many would invest significant amounts of time.
(Side note: I had sensed every time we were praying corporately this summer that as we prayed for our country, we were lifting a shield (a canopy, a force-field) up into the heavenlies and it was pushing back the spirits of darkness. It was small though, compared to the size of Canada.) God reminded me of this and I was sure that there must be other shields being lifted across our land, but yet when I saw the heavens over Canada, they were dark.
My vision ended seeing the heavens over Canada again. This time the country was covered with a beautiful canopy (shield, forcefield) established and maintained by the intercessions of His people. The forces of darkness were trying to penetrate, but they could not. Inside the canopy was a beautiful golden light (like the light close to sunset). Under this canopy of prayer for God’s purposes and plans for Canada and for the manifestation of His glory, there were good governments, unity between provinces, and a tangible sense of peace.

2 thoughts on “Vision Over Canada – Pastor Beth

  1. Tina Kenny says:

    I love this! Thank you for that ❤

  2. Brenda Messenger says:

    Thank you for sharing such an incredible vision and important call to the church. I have felt this cry for Canada as well. I pray the church will heed this call from the Lord to pray.

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