What are you saying about yourself?


All too often people have a poor opinion of themselves as a matter of fact you can hear it in the way they talk about themselves.  “I am this…I am that…this is the way I am, and nobody likes me….”  After listening to them berate themselves they often ask, “Can you help me?”

I will sometimes tell them that if I just listened to everything they just said about themselves I would find it hard to like them and I like everybody.  How could anybody like you when you talk about yourself that way?”

This leads me to talk to them about their confession and how it affects what they and others think of themselves.  I explain that because of their own confession they talk themselves and everyone else into thinking poorly of them.

I let them know that I am going to say about myself what God says. I am healed. I am strong. I am prospering. Every need is met.  I am loving. I am kind. I am honest. I have character.  T

And then  am going to thank God, we are what God says we are.

Your mouth can get you into trouble or it can get you out of trouble. You should confess what God says about you.

As a matter of fact I believe that I am today the sum total of what I have been confessing through the years.  My marriage is the best marriage around.  My children are the best children that ever lived on the face of the earth. They are blessed of God. They are the sum total of what Beth and I have confessed and loved them into being.

We need to confess the word of God instead of negative things. You may say, “How long do I have to confess it?” All of your life.  Why would you ever stop?

In every situation do these things: 1.  Agree with the Word of God.  2.  Believe the Word of God.  3.  Act like it is true, by your praise, by your plans, and by your participation.  4.  Confess the Word of God with your mouth.

As you follow these principles, you may not be without battles, BUT YOU WILL NEVER LOSE THE WAR.

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