2016 – A Year of Breakthrough, Release, and Suddenlies


God is going to Breakthrough on your enemies like a flood of water wash them away.


You are going to see a release from the limits and hindrances you have placed on you own life.


Your breakthroughs and release will position you for suddenlies and you are going to see miracles and signs and wonders that some may try to explain away but they will not be able to honestly deny that I have moved on your behalf.

In those suddenlies I will visit you and I will bring you out says the Lord, I will bring you out from where you are and bring you into the place where I want you to be.

So overcoming enemies and hindrances will cause you to suddenly overcome circumstances.

You are winners and winning is in your future

Those who have stayed the course and have not let go will see the beginnings of things I have birthed within you as you overcome.